Sector File Updates

Sector file data updated to include new SID procedure identifiers. SMR updated once again with taxiway and IHP changes, stand lines extended on apron 3 (west side). Frequencies updated in advance of changes in next AIRAC publication (Riga Tower 118.100 -> 118.105; Riga Ground 118.800 -> 118.805). Due to VATSIM limitations, this will just be a change in ATC spoken procedure, not actual used frequencies.

New: From this year, the Tower controller will no longer speak the frequency of Approach controller with a take-off clearance. Instead, it is the pilot’s responsibility to switch to EVRA_APP (or EVRA_B_APP if online) before passing altitude 1,500ft (or as soon as is reasonably practical). Please ensure you are following this procedure which has been published in AIP and every chart for some years already. In addition: if you receive no instructions after landing, switch to Riga Ground (118.805) when runway vacated.