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[10 AUG 2013] C1 CPT + Riga Online Day!

The summer is not giving up! It's hot and we are ready to welcome your tourists in, from around the globe, grab some slippers and sunglasses and hop over here for the leisure day in Riga, where on the 10th of August Kaspars Fogels will be sweating for his rating, after that, enjoy the warm summer welcome of other positions in Riga!

 Fuel up, grab some charts and scenery!

 Riga scenery (FS9 & FSX) - Ground Apron!)

Riga scenery (XPlane) -

Riga charts -


See you on the 10th!

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If you have the scenery update, please mention it in your flight plan remarks with EVRA2013A, this update is considered the official scenery in Latvia vACC so we strongly encourage you to install it, otherwise controllers will guide you using the old apron system!

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