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[27 JUL 2013] Baltic Jam!

With a beautiful sea, diverse wildlife, innovative city's and always welcoming people, the Baltic States is the perfect place for a a family holiday, business endeavours or a short weekend getaway. On Saturday, 27th of July we will try to give you the best of all worlds with the return of long lost, very successful Baltic Jam. Grab a early lunch in Tallinn, order some wonderful cocktails in Riga and enjoy the lovely nightlife of Vilnius, stop by our top-down control with your favorite aircraft, and for sure you'll have a wonderful evening in the Baltic's. With a blast from the past - Baltic Jam is back!

Grab some charts and a scenery - and set your heading towards the Baltic States.

Tallinn scenery and charts -

Riga scenery (FS9 & FSX) -
Riga scenery (XPlane) -
Riga charts -

Vilnius freeware scenery (FS9 & FSX) -
Vilnius payware scenery by Aerosoft (FS9 & FSX) -
Vilnius charts -

See you on the 27th!

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