[05 JUN 2013] Summer Breeze!


Summer has started!
Warm nights, sunsets, and the warm winds breezing through your hair while enjoying a good night in the coast of the Baltic sea. We invite you to the opening night of the all warm and famous Latvian summer. Bring a friend, bring a drink and most importantly bring your airplane!
Fly your charters from West, chip in a regular from Scandinavia, bring some sightseeing from Russia or make a short hop from airports around. All traffic is welcome, we are ready, but are you? Latvia, Riga is waiting for you!


All the things you need:
Updated scenery for both FS9 and FSX —- http://goo.gl/vjdWt
And pick some charts as well —- http://goo.gl/XZ4Kj
And for those loving social networks, we are loving them too, so don’t hesitate to check in with
us on Twitter @EVRR_FIR and Facebook http://facebook.com/VatsimLatvia