[26 FEB 2012] Riga Approach Challenge [Practical Test]


Day – Sunday, February 26
Time – 2100z – 2300z (but if you are late, we will definitely wait for You)

Good day fellow captain’s (or first officers) and dear colleagues,
We are happy and pleased to announce that Latvia virtual Area Control Centre is organizing an
Controller Practical Test for our member, Pavel Zahvatov.
This practical test will be held on Riga Approach. As our student and we are really looking
foward to it, i would like kindly ask, and invite You, to participate in our Sunday party…!
If You fly, we promise that we will make it fun and enjoyable for both, You and us.

As well we will ensure full staff at Riga FIR, including Riga Control, and Tower/Ground online,
as well for enroute control for neighbour FIR’s provided by Baltic Control, to ensure the best
experience especially for You.
Just take your aircraft, and fly……for a professional welcome from our members of Latvia vACC.

Some stuff:

Nice scenery for both FS9 and FSX —-

And pick some charts as well —-

And for those loving social networks, we are loving them too, so don’t hesitate to check in with
us on Twitter @EVRR_FIR and Facebook http://facebook.com/VatsimLatvia