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[06 APR 2013] EVRA New Position Event

New position | New controller

Date: 06-Apr-2013
Time: 15:00-20:00 UTC

Starting with AIRAC 1304, effective 04 April 2013, Riga Approach has been divided into two positions - during peak hours an EVRA_B_APP is introduced with a frequency of 134.850 which controls the lower part of the Approach airspace (Riga TMA sector B). Both positions use the same callsign - Riga Approach. To familiarize both ATC and pilots with this new position, we are offering you this New Position Event.

Click here for more information about the new position

Also during the event, a Controller Practical Test will be held for Kaspars Fogels who will be attempting to obtain S3 rating. Note that during part of the CPT EVRA_B_APP will not be staffed but that part will not be very long.

For both those reasons, as much traffic as possible is needed! See you in Latvian airspace!

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