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[16 MAR 2013] Riga online day

 Riga online day

It looks like someone has told winter to hold over Riga as well as most of the northern and central Europe. But we all know it is bound to go soon. Whatever it is, it is time for Latvia vACC controllers to gather together for another event. There are also two S2 students who are almost ready for their S3 practical tests and need just that last training. So why not fly to or from Riga, or better both?

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013
Time: 17:00-21:00 UTC (most likely to last aircraft if it is later than that)

If you do not already have those, here are some useful downloads:

Scenery for FS9 and FSX:

Scenery for X-Plane:

Charts (recently updated to latest version):

Latvia vACC can be found on Twitter as @EVRR_FIR and on Facebook at

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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