Riga Wednesdays Launch Event

Dear Pilots,

Latvia vACC would like to invite you to our launch event of Riga Wednesdays, our new fortnightly full ATC event!

Due to the ever increasing traffic at our highly successful weekly 'Riga Friday Fun' event, we have decided to offer you yetanother evening in the week where you can receive full ATC!

Riga Wednesdays will happen every fortnight and you can expect full ATC throughout the evening.

We look forward to seeing you in the skies and on the ground at Riga for our Riga Wednesdays Launch Event


Riga "Friday Fun" Event

EVRA (Riga International Airport), Fridays from 1700 - 2100 UTC.

Come one, come all! Join us every Friday evening for our weekly "Friday Fun" event at EVRA. Expect a fully staffed ATC experience and enjoy the beautiful Latvian scenery.

Fly to/from/through Riga FIR and join us for a long haul flight, a short international hop or a casual, relaxing VFR flight around the many nearby destinations.

Pack your snow shoes and plenty of fuel for an exciting approach in some awful weather and visibility at traditional party at Riga, pearl of the Baltic.

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