[24 OCT 2014] Riga TWR S2 Practical Test

As the winter season approaches, Latvia vACC kindly invites you to Riga to help our assiduous student-
Janeks Tompolskis earn his well deserved S2 rating!

We promise 4 hours of non-stop professional ATC service and lots of fun.
Grab a drink or a snack, fuel up and we'll be waiting for you.

in a nutshell:

Where? - Riga Int. Airport [RIX/EVRA]

When? - 24th of October 18-22 UTC

Some stuff:

Updated FREEWARE scenery for both FS9 and FSX ---- http://goo.gl/vjdWt

X-Plane scenery ---- http://goo.gl/8npwX

Charts (you'll need those) ---- http://goo.gl/XZ4Kj

And for those loving social networks, we are loving them too, so don’t hesitate to follow
us on Twitter @EVRR_FIR and Facebook.

Controllers Online

EVRA_APPStanley Yorke00:50
EVRA_TWRRyan Wilson00:45

Booked ATC Today

Position Start End
No ATC booked yet.
--- ATC Tomorrow ---
EVRA_TWR 18:00 20:00
EVRR_CTR 18:00 20:00
* Times are UTC

The time is now

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